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IMCOS™ is an integrated communication solution for the Marine and Oil and Gas Markets worldwide.

The capacity of IMCOS™ to fully integrate all internal communication needs with a customized and tailored configuration for each individual project has meant it is the system of choice for a wide range of applications in the marine and oil and gas markets. The IMCOS system incorporates the following:

Public Address and General Alarm

Surveillance and multi-monitoring system access.

VoIP, Digital and Analogue PABX and intercom systems.

Video, Voice and Data Network.

Radio and TV signal distribution, automatic messaging and staff information systems.

Visual and audible signalling and alarm devices
Speakers, sounders and beacons for a wide range of area classifications.

Listed here are merely the basic aspects of the IMCOS™ capabilities. Each solution is configured with a Fail-Safe philosophy and each section is governed by redundant processors, controlling and monitoring the overall system performances. Depending on the required application, IMCOS™ can be designed to include a range of products with specifications and certifications to suit your industry’s needs. IMCOS™ customized cabinets are designed in house with an exclusive patent design, allowing easy access to the interior without having to remove any of the components. This design not only allows easy access for installation and maintenance but is also available in light alloy, offering a weight saving of up to 66%.

IMCOS™ is the only system, currently available, certified by 7 Type Approval Authorities, this demonstrates Eaton Gitiesse’s commitment to providing the brands you trust and the solutions you need.